Monday, October 22, 2012


for the first time giving birth, we get to be discharge after 24 hrs. yeay! so we were thankful to Allah coz i just cant stay longer in the hospital.... however after birth rayyan had to stay in NICU for monitoring of his sugar level. i can only come and see him at times of feeding coz i was placed at different ward than him. got to walk to get to him. hmmm challenge for me... but Alhamdulillah I managed as my after birth pain wasnt so bad.
but than after we came home only rayyan jaundice starts to show.. at the first few days, its only mild but after 4 days the nurse asks us to get his blood count for jaundice. so we went to nearby clinic to do so but the dr cant perform it that day.
no choice my IZT and mom took rayyan to HA emergency. so than as suspected his jaundice reading was high abt 200 ++ which means he has to be admitted. i came and we had to stay in peds at HA. the room was nice and comfortable. so ALhamdulillah
so than, the episode started for rayyan as he had to be off his clothes and put under the light ( forgot the name ) and had to only wear this eye cover. yup any mothers seeing a week old baby in such state wouldnt be able to take it.. i am not comfortable seeing him like that. plus my BF are not doing so well. rayyan hardly be able to get milk and this makes it very hard for me as we cant give him formula in a bottle here.
so the first day evening was a bit of challenge. i had to give him a formula in a cup. hmmm a week old drinking in a cup...yeay...
pity my baby... so Alhamdulillah Allah did has His great plan for us. I had no sleep that night and rayyan seems to be soo hungry all night long. i had to keep BFing him eventhough my milk hardly came out. he did not want to be put on his bed and i cant get him the lights these way... how can he be cured faster...
i tried and tried and tried with the BF and Alhamdulillah it eventually came out. and rayyan was feeding on and on and he poop which is also good so that the jaundice would come out.
So it was with reason why we had to go back warded again after discharged. Allah has made it possible for me to get my BF and if we dont rayyan probably be on formula alone right now.

so Allah always has His best plan for us. alhamdulillah.

Saturday, October 20, 2012



the year was 2000

hmm pre midlife crisis... hardly lahhh i'm only in my 30's...
what i'm rambling today.
my mind went back to the year 2000 in August..
i suddenly been thinking of the incident...sudden incident...
i'm wondering how 'it' is now?
yup... i did google around... yup i did find it but ....
ntahlaa... i'm only human....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

he's here!

so, 29052012 my baby was born. at about 11.16 am he sees the world for the first time.
weighing 3.24 kg, healthy and amazing and mostly magical.
the labor was not soo painful. i went through it almost instantly..
i was admitted early to HA due to needs for induced labor.. 2 weeks early..coz of my medical condition. i had diabetic during this pregnancy.
so, induced only the next day..2 times induced only than it has open about 3 cm and i was sent to the labor room..this was at about 8am.
i was with my beloved hubby in the labor room (it is his first time to actually be in the labor room together with me ) the nurse had on Al Quran recital..that was wonderful... we recite Ya Latiff all the way... Insya Allah He make it easy for us...
than at about 11am the pain starts getting stronger and i felt i needed to push... and so the pushing started and Alhamdulillah 16 mins later Rayyan came to us...
it was magical and i just love the birthing moments of rayyan as well as my dini and zikry too...

so brother and sister are sooo happy that rayyan was home with us...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

belated, belated, belated birthday

huhu my dotter birthday delayed for sooo long....
but she is just wonderful about it...
all the patience and understanding from her...
i love you...
it was a simple affair but she gotten the cake she wanted. nekma's choc rich moist cake with a ana muslim pics on it.
she has always been lovely and understanding... we are not facing the tantrum spill out from her with regards to any matters. Alhamdulillah.
Always have patience and we have great tolerance with each other.
Any how ibu pray to Allah kakak will become a solehah, smart and beautiful person inside out. Amin.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

school orientation

here was last year's event when both of my kiddo had their school orientation.

izn went to std 1 and izk to pre school.

we were all excited and i'm glad they were very happy to go to school.

they had a good time.

note to u both: ibu and papa pray to Allah for both of you to be able to achieve and experience the best in school and become a better person, Insya Allah.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

2011 graduation - pre school

last year punya story... pardon me...

well my darling dotter izn had her graduation from her SKDP pre school. Alhamdulillah..

there were a performance by her and her classmates... See how tall she is....

and than we had our pics taken... hmm someone sure is grumpy....

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